As a part of continuous development of technology experts, ORATEL facilitates with various exclusive and comprehensive professional skill development training courses for building expert resources to fit in local market as well as across the globe. ORATEL strongly encourages continuous professional development in technical and soft skills. Our trainers are expert and exceptionally skilled in their specialized fields. Our learning and development team continuously strives for improvements in our training programs. Our technology focused, specialized training courses provide an exceptional and significant contribution towards an individual’s professional career growth.

ORATEL is offering following training programs for individual professionals and organisations

  • 3G/4G/5G Network Architecture and Core Operations
  • 5G Emerging Services and Use Cases.
  • 5G Digital Transformation and Industry Trends
  • Ecosystem Management 5G Monetization
    Description: DFN Architecture, Design, Fitness Rules, LFN Architecture, Design, Fitness Rules, SpatialNET Modelling, Design Fundamentals and approach, nbn Naming Structure, View MPS boundary, Annotations.
    Course Fee: $1100+GST
  • nbn FTTN/Copper ARCHITECTURE AND MapInfo Design
    Description: FTTN Design rules, Node Location, FTTN Cabinet Study, Pillar, Copper Architecture and Design preferences, Mapinfo introduction with sample nbn design
    Course Fee: $1100+GST
  • nbn FTTC ARCHITECTURE AND Design Standards
    Description: FTTC Design rules, Underground DPU Design, Aerial DPU Design, Copper Lead-in principles, Pit Fitness rules
    Course Fee: $1100+GST
  • nbn FTTB ARCHITECTURE AND Design Standards
    Description: FTTB Design Rules, FTTB Cabinet Solutions, MDF Solutions, Design Approach.
    Course Fee: $1100+GST
  • nbn FTTx ARCHITECTURE AND Design Standards
    Description: FTTP,FTTB,FTTC and FTTC basic fundamentals and design approach

    Course Fee: $1100+GST

  • MAPINFO Professional Training – NBN Design Focused
    Course Fee: $2600+GST
  • SpatialNet PNI Training – NBN Design Focused
    Description: PNI Standards, Support infrastructure, Symbols, Attributes, Layers, Fonts, Design approach Course

    Fee: $2800+GST

  • AutoCAD 2013-2017 – NBN Design Focused
    Description: Auto CAD Standards, Title Blocks, Support infrastructure, Symbols, Attributes, Layers, Fonts.

    Course Fee: $1100+GST

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