As a part of continuous development of technology experts, ORATEL facilitates with various exclusive and comprehensive professional skill development training courses for building expert resources to fit in local market as well as across the globe. ORATEL strongly encourages continuous professional development in technical and soft skills. Our trainers are expert and exceptionally skilled in their specialized fields. Our learning and development team continuously strives for improvements in our training programs. Our technology focused, specialized training courses provide an exceptional and significant contribution towards an individual’s professional career growth.

NLP Accelerated 5G Training Program


ORATEL offers a comprehensive 5-day training program on 5G Networks, boasting a global reach that spans 11 countries, including regions such as South Asia, Europe, USA, and South Africa. The training program is split into two sections:

  • Basic (2 days) and
  • Intermediate (3 days).

The program utilizes Neurolinguistic Programming - NLP techniques to enhance the learning of participants. NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) is a psychological approach that involves analyzing strategies used by successful individuals and applying them to reach a personal goal. The program also provides resources such as slideshows, Q&A sessions, and handouts, with assessments before and after the training. Participants receive a certificate upon completion.


  • Examine real-world 5G use cases.
  • Understand the role and need for 5G compared to 4G/3G
  • Grasp the Operator's perspective of 5G technology.
  • Gain a solid understanding of 5G's architecture, core, and transmission.


  • Gain an in-depth understanding of 5G technology, architecture, protocols, and features.
  • Learn about 5G roll-out considerations.
  • Stay updated with market and industry trends for 5G.
  • Understand 5G call flow procedures and core operations.
  • Learn about 5G transmission planning.

Training Goal

The program aims to offer a thorough understanding of 5G technology, including

  • Network understanding and implementation
  • Network slicing
  • 5G Architecture
  • 5G Evolution
  • Industry trends
  • Roll-out strategies

It also includes comparisons with other technologies.
Target Audience: Mid to Senior Level Telecom Engineers

Training Feedback / Satisfaction Rate

  • Very Satisfied (90-100%) [Senior Network Engineer] In awe of the trainer’s knowledge. Overall excellent. Very informative and enjoyable session. Nice to see real cases and statistics of 5G rollout in other countries.
  • Very Satisfied (90-100%) [Technical Engineer] One great thing was Introduction to NLP was different. Good variety of slides even if the content was dense
  • Very Satisfied (90-100%) [Network Operations Manager] Very informative and enjoying the course so far our panelists are knowledgeable and interactive with the team. Good video’s in between about the 5G health concerns and the NLP session. Great experience, I liked the commitment to knowledge sharing, the interactiveness of the trainer’s great touch with the video’s in between also the stretching, and the usual learning state creation.
  • Very Satisfied (90-100%) [Senior RF Engineer] Excellent pacing and frequent breaks helped me to focus during the presentation. Really grateful for the training, learning, and motivation techniques. I really enjoyed the training and am looking forward to taking another course with you guys.
  • Very Satisfied (90-100%) [Senior Technical Engineer] Informative and useful for our future rollout in 5G. Great course and now motivated to learn more and continue my knowledge expansion in 5G and the future.

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