ORATEL provides the full suite of site development services from planning and design, site acquisition through to construction, installation, commissioning and pre/post optimisation services.

ORATEL consists a team of highly skilled telecommunication professionals designers and drafters who can produce designs relevant to any organizational or carrier standard, ranging from feasibility concept to full ‘For Construction’ documentation. With explosive growth in wireless subscriptions worldwide, the industry has struggled to keep up with demand. Though most areas today have adequate coverage for most subscribers, there remains a marked lack of capacity, resulting in dropped connections and poor network performance for the end user. The 4G and 5G small cell / Micro and Macro trend adds density to wireless capacity by deploying connection points, typically in street-level locations, to over-capacity areas. Small cell /Micro & Macro installations are a specialty of ORATEL; we work with the three major carriers and their hardware providers to deploy Small cell /Micro & Macro installations where they are needed most. ORATEL offers turnkey solution to their customers in order for them to focus on high level strategic issues. Our professionals perform all infrastructure construction and pole attachment to on-air integration with the larger network.

The comprehensive end to end solutions for your macro and micro cell construction project


ORATEL consistently strive to provide improved services to it’s customers. To build the best solution to meet clients’ requirements, ORATEL tailors construction, operational and management systems and processes for every individual project, leveraging large-scale enterprise management systems to deliver cost benefits to all customers without compromising on safety or quality. In Australia, we are the major contractor to NBN for the rollout of the National Broadband Network. In United States of America, we are a major contractor to Comsat, for the rollout of the Ultra-Fast Broadband program. In United Arab Emirates, we are a major contractor to Etisalat, for the rollout of the Fibre to the home (FTTH) program.

“We are unique in diverse capabilities and comprehensive engineering services delivered across a wide range of geographics"